To join the Central Illinois Parrot Head Club, please fill out this online application and press the Submit button below. Membership dues are $20 for the first person and an additional $15 for each additional person at the same address. Dues are renewed each year in November.  When renewing, a discount of $5 per person will be given if the renewal is received before the end of November. You can pay your membership dues 3 ways: 1) Using our PayPal option below, 2) at the next club event or 3) by mailing a check to:

The Central Illinois Parrot Head Club
P.O. Box 6077

Peoria, IL 61601-6077


Please note, your membership will not start until your dues are received.

Pay membership dues with Paypal: 

New Membership
Single Person $21.50 USD Couple $36.50 USD

**  SEE UPDATED DUES SCHEDULE!  Updated March, 2021

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